ecce radio 3 - XRS [Brasilia release]


XRS mix for ecce [July 2017]


Amazing special mix to celebrate the release of Brasilia [] by XRS Land


ecce radio 2 - Vera Medina


The second episode of our radio by the gifted, composer, producer and singer Vera Medina. A artist of many skills, she presents on this mix a blend of groove and jazzy vibes on a dj set made for dance!  She also have the music "Les Temps Expose"  with video featured on our ecce zine 1. Thank you Vera!

ecce radio 1 - XRS

[aka Xerxes de Oliveira, XRS Land, Nicassio]


ECCE's first mix by one of the most talented and respected artists in brazilian electronic music. A producer of many alias and also a multi talented artist, have a featured video and music on our ecce zine 1, with the song "Downtown" also included here on this amazing mix! Thank You XRS!